Getting the Help You Need

Online study does not mean you are alone. In fact, you have the same supports that you would have if you were studying on-campus. Below are some of the online academic services available to you at CNC.

Your Instructor

Your instructor has a time set aside for meeting with students each week. If you are confused about any aspect of your course first reread the course syllabus seek. If you are still confused, contact your instructor for clarification. Your instructor’s contact information will be in the syllabus and course shell.

Tutoring & Testing Services

CNC has tutors for English, Math, Chemistry, and Physics. Additionally, tutors can help you with study skills and proofreading. The tutors are available online via email or video conference. You are allowed to make two 30 minute appointments each week for each subject area.

The English tutors can help you with any writing concerns you may have. For example, they can help you organize your essay structure or help you check that you have not plagiarized.


WriteAway is a system where you receive feedback from qualified tutors across B.C. about ways to improve your writing assignment. You submit your assignment along with any other important information, such as the assignment question and a brief explanation of what you want the tutor to focus on. One to two days later you will receive a response. Use that information to improve your assignment, then resubmit for further feedback if desired. You can do this up to three times per assignment.

Students that use WriteAway generally find the system to be a low-stress way of getting help in the areas that they most need. The WriteAway tutors will write comments and questions inside your document that helps you to improve your assignment. Often they will also provide links to resources to help you improve where needed.

You can also use WriteAway to ask a question about your writing. Questions that you might ask include: how to find an argument for an essay, or how an APA title page is formatted.

See for further information or to submit your writing assignment.


AskAway is a library service where you can ask questions virtually to a librarian. AskAway can help you with conducting research, citing sources, using the library, finding materials, evaluating sources, navigating databases, and any other concerns you would ask a librarian. Alternatively, you can email a CNC librarian. See the CNC library homepage for more information: