Student Support & Advice

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    With the shift to a virtual environment for school, work, meetings, and even get togethers with loved ones, the amount of time that we’re all staring at a screen has increased dramatically. Because of this, some people have started to experience screen fatigue, which can be experienced as eye strain, exhaustion, and even anxiety about appearing on camera during virtual meetings.

  • Finding credible resources online can be challenging. You want to be able to find accurate information from reputable sites. Here are some guidelines to help you figure out if the web site you are looking at has good subject matter for your research project as well as looking at the overall design and usability.

  • Some library databases are licensed for CNC users only. You can access these at any CNC campus computer or from home if you have a current CNC Connect computer account.

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    If you find yourself struggling to finish assignments before the deadline or getting to exams wishing you had found the time to study more you are not alone. Many students struggle with managing time for their studies, and in today’s interconnected busy world it is no wonder.

  • While studying online gives you greater freedom to direct your study, the lack of physical classroom interaction can make it difficult to stay motivated. Below are some ways to help you remain engaged in your online course at CNC. Find what works for you and keep doing it!

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    Online study does not mean you are alone. In fact, you have the same supports that you would have if you were studying on-campus. Below are some of the online academic services available to you at CNC.

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    Online learning is a unique learning environment that gives you greater freedom to tailor where, when, and how you study. However, without preparation and self-discipline your online courses can become difficult and frustrating.