Student Support & Advice

  • Book a private room in the CNC Library to study or work with a group.

  • Using proper citation style is usually a requirement for any written assignments and publications. Keeping track of your sources using the appropriate style will help save time and effort looking things up again later.

  • Be careful what you copy. The Canadian Copyright Act allows you to copy someone else’s work under these guidelines. You can make a single copy of a “short excerpt” from a copyright-protected work.

  • Finding credible resources online can be challenging. You want to be able to find accurate information from reputable sites. Here are some guidelines to help you figure out if the web site you are looking at has good subject matter for your research project as well as looking at the overall design and usability.

  • Some library databases are licensed for CNC users only. You can access these at any CNC campus computer or from home if you have a current CNC Connect computer account.

  • Instructors expect you to do your own work, acknowledge sources and avoid plagiarism. This information sheet explains what plagiarism is and what you can do to prevent it. The goal is for you to be successful in your studies.

  • Quesnel Library
    These steps are general in nature and can be adapted to any subject for which you need to find and present information.