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  • Assignments that involve reflective writing include journals, vignettes, blog postings, and reflection essays. Much like a personal diary, reflective writing involves your personal thoughts. However, you are writing for an academic audience and need to use academic language. Your writing should demonstrate to the instructor that you have thought deeply and critically about how your thoughts have developed or changed as a result of the learning experience in question.

  • Bookkeeping 3
    Taking notes of what happens in class is necessary for two main reasons. Firstly, and perhaps most obviously, we take notes to help us remember the main points of the class. We use these notes to go back to when we are reviewing or studying. Secondly, we take notes to help us learn as we listen. This works because a good note-taker is focusing on fully understanding the concepts as he or she structures them on paper.

  • Quesnel Campus 9
    Textbooks are different from other forms of reading as their purpose is to inform and educate. Your instructor is expecting you to do more than just memorize facts from your textbook. You will need to understand the concepts.

  • Egg Timer at 0s
    If you find yourself struggling to finish assignments before the deadline or getting to exams wishing you had found the time to study more you are not alone. Many students struggle with managing time for their studies, and in today’s interconnected busy world it is no wonder.

  • While studying online gives you greater freedom to direct your study, the lack of physical classroom interaction can make it difficult to stay motivated. Below are some ways to help you remain engaged in your online course at CNC. Find what works for you and keep doing it!