Student Support & Advice

  • This year we're launching the Thrive program to assist students and connect them with our resources more effectively.

  • As a student, sometimes it feels impossible to balance your health and well-being with everything else you have going on while you’re in school. We’ve got some simple tips that you can incorporate throughout your week to help level up your health!

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    Time management is important as a student, but can be especially challenging with the transition to online courses in response to COVID-19. Some online courses can lack the structure of face to face classes that we’re used to. Below are some tips to help you to structure your study time to get the most out of your semester!

  • young woman trying to sleep
    A good sleep impacts many aspects of your life. Learn about the benefits of getting a good sleep and ways to help you improve the quality of your sleep.

  • While studying online gives you greater freedom to direct your study, the lack of physical classroom interaction can make it difficult to stay motivated. Below are some ways to help you remain engaged in your online course at CNC. Find what works for you and keep doing it!