Five ways to beat the winter blues

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Person in dreary dark room looking out window

It’s no secret – winter can be tough on your mental health – especially in Northern BC. The days are shorter, the weather’s colder, and gearing up for a new semester can leave you feeling drained or overwhelmed. Here are five ways you can beat the winter blues with help from CNC!


1) Get social

Research has shown that connecting with others can help boost your mood!

Join a club through the Students’ Union, or join the Peer Connections Program to connect with other CNC students as either a mentor or mentee!

You can also check out the events page for fun activities happening all semester long!


2) Set goals

Setting goals can help you to stay organized and support your personal growth.

Not sure where to start? Connect with a Wellness Coach! They can help with things like:

  • Stress management and coping skills
  • Time management and organization
  • Self-care planning
  • And more!

Are your goals more focused on improving your study skills? Pop into the Academic Success Centre to connect with a tutor to help you stay on track!


3) Try out bright light therapy

Did you know that fewer hours of sunlight can affect your mood and energy levels? Living in the north, winter days can be very short (and dark) – but there’s a solution!

Bright light therapy is a great way to treat seasonal depression and the sleep difficulties that come with it. 30 minutes of exposure to the special light can give you the extra boost you need to get through your day!

Want to try it? Check out the health and wellness fair on February 15th. You can get your glow on from 10am to 2pm in the Gathering Place.


4) Practice self-care

The first step to look after your mental health is to look after yourself. Self-care can mean so many different things – just take at the “Dimensions of Wellness”! When you’re feeling low, take time to reflect on each category of your life and make some time to nurture those areas you may be neglecting!

Physical activity has many health benefits, and taking a break from studying is important. If you find this area needs a little more attention, check out the variety of activities offered through Recreation Services to find your favourite way to move! Sign out equipment, visit the weight room, or try one of our awesome group fitness classes!                                                                                                                    


5) Reach out for help

Your mental health and wellbeing isn’t something you need to tackle alone. At CNC, there are different resources all designed to put you first – so reach out!

Aside from Wellness Coaching (mentioned above), the college also offers free counselling services for students. The Aboriginal Resource Centre is a great place to connect with a cultural advisor for spiritual and cultural guidance.

You can also call Here2talk anytime day or night at 1-877-857-3397.  


For a full list of services offered across CNC’s campuses, visit Campus & Community Supports