Apply for Graduation and a Post Graduate Work Permit Letter

Learn how to apply for a Post-Graduate Work Permit Letter for International students at CNC.
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As an international student applying for a post-grad work permit, there are three things that you'll need. To apply for graduation, your transcript with notation and your post-grad work permit letter.

Apply for Graduation

To get started,

  • log into your CNC connect on the home screen.
  • Put graduation overview.
  • Make sure that your program of study is correct.
    If not, click apply to a different program in the blue box below.
  • Click apply.
  • Select the term that you would like to graduate in.
  • Make sure that your mailing address is correct, if not click ship to a new address.
  • Hit submit.

You should see a green box appear that says your graduation application has successfully been submitted. You can also see that your application was submitted on that date.

Apply for a transcript with notation

Back at the home screen, we're going to apply for you a transcript with notation.

  1. Click on transcript requests.
  2. Add new requests on the right and then fill out your information. Here you're going to add your name or your organization name your address. It's important here that you click hold till notation added.
  3. Proceed to payment.
  4. Select your method of payment and click make a payment.
  5. Click pay now.
  6. Continue on with payment method.

Enrollment verification

  1. On your main screen, click on enrollment verifications, add new request on the right.
  2. Fill out your information and address like you did before. Here, it's important to make sure you type "Post-Grad Work Letter" and proceed with payment.

Please be sure to allow four to six weeks after the end of the semester for all your documents to be completed. If you have any more questions, please contact International Academic Advising.