How to Book a Library Study Room

Book a private room in the CNC Library to study or work with a group.
  • Library
  • Navigating College
  1. Go to The CNC Room Bookings Portal
  2. Log in with your CNC username & password.
    Mobile: click to open menu
  3. In the menu on the left side, click New Booking.
    Roomfinder Find a Room Button
  4. Make sure Booking Type is Library Study Room.
  5. Scroll down to View Availability and select:
    • duration (length of time; maximum 3 hours),
    • start time, and
    • end time.
    Roomfinder Select Duration
  6. Scroll down to the calendar. Click the date you want to use the room.
  7. From the list of available rooms, click on the line of the room you want.Roomfinder Select Room
  8. On the pop-up window, click Continue.
  9. Type or select Number of Attendees. You can increase or decrease the number with + or -Roomfinder Select Number of Attendees
  10. Scroll to the bottom and click Submit.
  11. When the booking confirmation appears, click OK.
  12. The room is now reserved, and you should receive a confirmation email soon at your CNC email address.

If you do not need the room after all

Please go to My Bookings and click Cancel for that booking.

Roomfinder My Bookings ButtonRoomfinder Cancel Booking