How to pay student fees

A quick guide on how to pay your student fees online through CNC Connect and PayMyTuition.
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Here's a quick guide on how to pay your student fees online.

To begin paying your student fees, you first need to sign into CNC Connect or just go directly to the Pay my Tuition website.

Screen 1: Welcome to the Payment Portal

Click on the appropriate payment option.

Select to either make a payment through a Canadian financial institution, or through a financial institution outside of Canada.

Pay my tuition- screen 1

Screen 2: Make a Payment

Enter the amount you are paying under "Make a Payment"

Note: if you are paying from more than one card or account, you will need to do a transaction for each payment separately.

This screen has a fillable field underneath "Make a Payment" where you will enter the amount you want to pay. Underneath this, it specifies the country you are paying from.

Screen 3: Payment Options

Select your payment option and click "Continue with Payment"

Payment options include Online Bill Payment, Interac e-Transfer, Electronic Fund Transfers, Bank Transfer in Canadian Dollars (CAD), Visa- Debit or Credit in CAD, and Mastercard- Debit or Credit in CAD.

The left hand column of this screen shows payment options: Online Bill Payment, Interact e-Transfer, Bank Transfer in Canadian Dollars, Visa- Debit or Credit in CAD, Mastercard- Debit or Credit in CAD.

Screen 4: Payment Transfer Information: Payer Information

Fill out the payer's information in the screen provided, then click "Continue".

The payer must provide their name, address and contact information.

This screen shows Payment Transfer Information options: Payer Information. The payer is to complete the fields for name, address and contact.

Screen 5: Payment Transfer Information: Student Information

Fill out the student's information in the screen provided, then click "Continue".

The student must provide their student number, name, email and date of birth.

Note: Your student number must be 7 digits, and your date of birth must be the same as what CNC has on file.

This screen shows Payment Transfer Information: Student Information. The student fillable fields include student ID, invoice number/ Payment Term, name and email.

Screen 6: Payment Transfer Information: Payment Information

Select either Tuition Payment or Tuition Deposit.

Tuition Deposit is only to be used if there is no tuition owing on the semester being paid. Once you select the appropriate option, click "Continue".

This screen shows Payment Transfer Information: Payment Information. The fields to fill include Tuition Payment and CNC student Programs.

Screen 7: Verification Screen

Verify the information provided, then click "Continue with Payment"

Screen 8: Payment

Review your payment details and click "Pay Now"

Fill out the information requested in order to complete the payment.  

This screen reviews the payment details in the left hand column. The middle column says "Add this payment to your Paymytuition account". The righthand column provides options to "Manage your payment". Above this column is a button that says "Pay Now!"