MRAD program celebrates 10 years at CNC

    • Prince George
  • January 17, 2022
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This academic year marks a decade since the first cohort of Medical Radiography (MRAD) Technology students began their studies at CNC.

News of a new program at the college was welcomed throughout north-central B.C. where there was a great demand for skilled medical radiation technologists. At the time, CNC’s MRAD program was the second of its kind in B.C. and the only one outside the Lower Mainland.

“The lack of a program in the north made it difficult for students from rural northern communities to consider MRAD,” said CNC program coordinator and instructor Mira Rosche. “And, if someone did go to the Lower Mainland for MRAD, they often stayed there.”

The program succeeded in attracting students from across north-central B.C. But the interest didn’t stop there, Mira said, with students coming to CNC from all regions of the province and even across Canada to study medical radiography.

The first MRAD cohort completed its studies in September 2013. Since then, 113 skilled medical radiography technologists have graduated from CNC and are now helping fill a great need in our medical system.

“We’re proud of the graduates coming out of our program,” Mira said. “Many of whom decided to stay and work throughout northern B.C. after completing their studies.”

The field of medical radiography includes imaging technologies such as x-ray, computed tomography, mammography, fluoroscopy, and interventional procedures.

Radiographers have a wide-reaching part to play in the medical system, Mira said, with their skills needed in every aspect of a hospital including areas such as emergency, in-patient, intensive care, operating rooms, and the morgue.

“You have to adapt your approach and technique with every patient to construct an image of what’s going on inside the body,” she said. “It’s truly a blend of science and art.”

Medical radiography is a constantly evolving field. As technology advances, so does the knowledge base of a medical radiation technologist. 

CNC’s MRAD instructors have long experience working in the field, Mira said, and have embraced education in their own unique ways to ensure the program keeps up with industry.

“Our faculty are some of the most creative and innovative people I’ve ever worked with,” she said.

The need for skilled medical radiography technologists is not slowing down with 1,100 jobs expected to open in the next decade according to the B.C. Labour Market Outlook (2019-2029).

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