Refer a Student to Thrive

Thank you for accessing the Thrive program - we are here to help! Reaching out to the Thrive program is an effective way to show your students you care about them and their success at CNC.

The Thrive program is available to students at the Prince George campus and helps connect them to the resources and supports they need to help them succeed.

After you complete this form, the Thrive team will contact the student within 48 hours (Monday to Friday) and will ask the student if they would like to access campus resources that may help meet their needs.  

Please note that the Thrive program does not affect academic record or transcript. Information about student outcomes and resource use is confidential and accessed only by members of the Thrive program team for the purpose of supporting students. Student participation is voluntary, but we encourage you to follow up on your concerns with the student and continue to offer support as appropriate, even if the student chooses not to formally participate in the Thrive program.

If you have immediate concerns about a student’s safety during business hours, please contact the Student Services office at 250-561-5818. You can contact CNC Security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at ext. 200 or by calling 250-561-5827. If it is an emergency, please call 911.

If you are concerned about student misconduct, please refer to the Academic Conduct Policy and Academic Conduct Procedures, the Student (Non-Academic) Conduct Policy and Student (Non-Academic) Conduct Procedures, and the Student Sexual Misconduct Policy and Student Sexual Misconduct Procedures. Contact the appropriate educational administrator(s) identified in the applicable policy and procedures document(s).

We thank you for caring, making this referral, and using the Thrive program!

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Please note you are strongly encouraged to discuss your referral with the student before submitting this form if possible.

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