Strategic Direction #2: Culture of Service

Ensure quality service and an excellent experience for students, Aboriginal communities, employers, industry groups, employees and all stakeholders engaging with CNC.

Ease of access to student services and college information is a key factor in a positive student experience. With some of the college’s systems and processes becoming outdated, a focus on enhancing administrative systems and increasing efficiency is essential. Internally, the development of standardized operating procedures will support staff and departments to achieve efficiency, quality output, and uniformity of performance.


  • Ensure service enhancements and changes increase internal efficiency and are aligned with student needs.
  • Engage front-end, service-oriented, and public-facing departments to develop a standard of customer services to be used across the college.
  • Develop standardized operating procedures for use in all departments and all college campuses.
  • Support and contribute to a single unified application system in partnership with other BC post-secondary institutions.
  • Ensure accessibility and student spaces are key considerations when planning renovations and campus development to support inclusive, diverse, and welcoming campuses.
  • Establish process for collecting feedback to promote continuous service improvements.


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