Preparing for the Semester

We will continue to work closely with the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training to ensure our operations are aligned with the Government of British Columbia’s directions. We want to be adaptable as we can if the provincial situation around COVID-19 changes.


There will be no in-person orientation. Instead, an online orientation will be offered on our orientation page. Individual programs may offer their own orientation, so keep an eye on your email for more information.


Technology Requirements

With most classes moving to digital or hybrid formats, you may require computer equipment to participate in classes.

Some programs or courses may have more specific equipment requirements.

Technical Recommendations

Program and Course Delivery

We will offer all our regular credentialed programs in the upcoming academic year. Most of our courses will be delivered online. We will offer in-person instruction for laboratories, and shop classes.

If a class starts online, it will remain that way for the full semester. Students and faculty have the right to expect consistency for the entire term.

Delivery of programs is displayed on each individual program page, and course-specific delivery details are available here.

Course Delivery

The majority of classes will be offered online as scheduled (students will be expected to “meet” online at a specific day/time) or unscheduled (no specific meet times). Please note the first two characters of the section codes per the table shown:

CI Classroom with Instructor Present (Scheduled)
CV Classroom video conference interactive from one campus to another
WI Web with Instructor Present (Scheduled)
WU Web Unscheduled
LI Lab with Instructor Present (Scheduled)
LU Lab Unscheduled
PI Practicum
SI Seminar

Health & Safety

For more information about Health & Safety on campus, please visit the Health and Safety page.

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Access to Services

A number of our services are available remotely to students to allow for safe distancing. You can check the status here.

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Financial Assistance

If you need financial assistance due to the pandemic, there are a number of options to consider to help fund your education.

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Grading Model

The College of New Caledonia continues to use existing grading models. CNC will not introduce a pass/fail option. This decision was made with great consideration, reflecting the requirements of our university-transfer and professional programs. CNC will continue to ensure the integrity of our students’ academic records, including students’ ability to progress through programs, have transfer options, be recognized by accrediting agencies, and continue to have access to scholarships and other funding opportunities. We encourage students to complete all coursework and have many options for academic support, including free one-on-one tutoring during this difficult time.