Preparing for the Semester

We will continue to work closely with the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training to ensure our operations are aligned with the Government of British Columbia’s directions. We want to be adaptable as we can if the provincial situation around COVID-19 changes.

For fall 2021, CNC is preparing have greater face-to-face learning taking place. The final decision towards greater face-to-face learning depends on British Columbia moving to the fourth and final step of the province’s restart plan. 

Current Guidelines

  • Masks are required;
  • Please have careful social contact and maintain physical distancing; and
  • If you are sick, stay home and get tested.

Stage 4 guidelines (As early as September 7th 2021 pending BC Government confirmation):

  • Masks are a personal choice but may be recommended depending on local COVID-19 transmission rates;
  • Students and employees should assess their health daily; and
  • If a student is sick, they should stay home, seek medical advice and stay home for 24 hours after their symptoms have resolved.

Educational delivery

  • Primarily on-campus w/ student learning accommodations and support
  • Maximum capacity for buildings/rooms such as residences (with some rooms held for isolation if required)


  • Fully re-opened offices and workspaces w/ staff accommodations and support
  • Communicable disease plans in place

Common spaces

  • All spaces fully re-opened
  • Communicable disease plans in place

Work/ organized gatherings

  • Full capacity allowed with increased or hybrid virtual options to continue (expected)

Social/personal gatherings

  • Normal social contact
  • No indoor/outdoor spectator limits

Student activities

  • Normal social contact
  • Sports events/concerts
  • Pubs/bars and nightclubs
  • Student group activities
  • Events and parties


Fall 2021 will have an in-person orientation in addition to an online orientation.


Technology Requirements

With some classes in to digital or hybrid formats, you may require computer equipment to participate in classes.

Some programs or courses may have more specific equipment requirements.

Technical Recommendations

Program and Course Delivery

We will offer all our regular credentialed programs in the upcoming academic year. Some courses will be delivered online. 

If a class starts online, it will remain that way for the full semester. 

Health & Safety

For more information about Health & Safety on campus, please visit the Health and Safety page.

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Access to Services

A number of our services are available remotely to students to allow for safe distancing. You can check the status here.

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Financial Assistance

If you need financial assistance due to the pandemic, there are a number of options to consider to help fund your education.

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