Security & First Aid

First Aid

First Aid may be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by the following methods:

  • Calling local 200 any time.
  • Using the red emergency phones located throughout the College.
  • Using the emergency phones located in the parking lots.



Security is available to accompany you safely to your vehicle of anywhere else on campus. This service is available year-round at any time of day.

To request a safewalk or inquire about other Security services:

  • Call local 200 any time.
  • Use the red emergency phones located throughout the College.
  • Call 250-561-5821, or ext 5821 during regular business hours

Evacuation Procedure

Please take time to study the evacuation floor plan maps posted throughout the College, and become familiar with the exits available. As always, DO NOT use an elevator in event of an evacuation, ALWAYS use the stairs.

If you need assistance evacuating the building, there are "Assisted Evacuation Areas" located in stairwells in the North end of the 100 block (closest to rooms 1-129 on the 1st floor, and 3-108A on the 3rd floor), and on the 2nd & 3rd floors at the West end of the Gathering Place of the 700 block (the stairwell closest to the elevator).

When a fire alarm sounds in the College, directions will be given by an intermittent voice over. The alarm may start out with a slower, intermittent ring with instructions to prepare to evacuate, OR a fast ring instructing you to evacuate immediately. Always assume the alarm is real and evacuate as instructed.

The fire alarm operates in two stages.

  • A slow intermittent ring and voiceover message signaling you to listen to further instructions and prepare for possible evacuation of the building.
  • A fast ring indicates a fire in the building, and everyone must leave the building via the nearest exit. Intermittent voice-over instructions will be given.
  • The elevators must not be used.

Emergency Messages to Individual Students

The College does not have a public address system that extends to classrooms. Given the large number of students and classrooms, it is impossible to communicate messages to individual students, except in genuine emergencies.

In some cases, messages may be relayed through the Students' Union office at 250-561-5852 or 250-562-2131, local 5365, or through the switchboard 250-562-2131, extension 0