Plagiarism and Academic Integrity 

“Am I allowed to copy-and-paste into my assignment?” 
“What do 'citing' and 'referencing' mean?” 
“Why does my instructor want to talk to me about copying someone else’s work?” 

Academic integrity is a big deal at CNC; making sure you have a solid understanding of what it is, why we talk about it and enforce it, and how you can be successful at CNC is important.  Before you start working on a paper or project, take a moment to review the resources below. 

For Students 

Before you start working on an assignment

  1. Read the Academic Conduct Policy and Academic Conduct Procedures.

  2. Review the Student Flow Chart for Understanding Plagiarism.

  3. Read the Plagiarism FAQ for Students.

  4. Complete the CNC Academic Integrity Course.

  5. Contact the CNC Library to attend a Plagiarism Workshop.

  6. Refer to the Citations and Style Guides document for information on completing academic citations. 

If your instructor wants to talk with you regarding plagiarism

  1. Meet with your instructor.

  2. Confirm if they require you to complete CORRECTIVE CONSEQUENCES or if this is a SANCTION.

  3. Complete the instructions given by your instructor or Dean. 

For Faculty 

Before students start working on assignments

  1. Review the Academic Conduct Policy and Academic Conduct Procedures.

  2. Contact the CNC Library to schedule a Plagiarism Workshop for your class.

  3. Assign your students steps 1-4 above to complete (at minimum). 

If a student’s work is being questioned for plagiarism

  1. Refer to the steps in the Academic Conduct Policy and Academic Conduct Procedures.

  2. Review the Faculty Flow Chart for Dealing with Plagiarism.

  3. If issuing corrective consequences, refer to the Academic Misconduct Corrective Consequences Guidelines.

  4. If issuing a sanction, refer to the Academic Conduct Procedures