Audio Visual - Multimedia assets needed?

Consider making a  video:

  • Of demonstrations of intricate equipment
  • Of repetitive demonstrations
  • Of Guest presentations
  • Of Lessons of note for student reference
  • Your PIDP Capstone video
Create your own Videos  (we are always ready to help!

Get started with this!

Check out videos devoted to improving your skills!

Other Media

From PowerPoint questions to how can I get this video / picture off my phone
we can help!  Anything multimedia if we don't know we can find out!

CNC's Video Server (Ensemble)
Store your videos on our video server, no more carrying them around on Flash drives Make your educational videos available to students 24/7/365 (or 366 if it's a leap year!)

Link to the Server( Ensemble) - Note you'll need an account - contact IT

THEN!!! Contact CTL and request a tutorial.