Applied Business Technology Certificate

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  • Full Time
LENGTH: 1 year
CAMPUS: Burns Lake - Fort St. James - Mackenzie - Prince George - Quesnel - Vanderhoof
FEES: Estimated at $4,763
START DATE: Fall 2021 - Fall 2021
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  • Some courses are available online
Seats are limited!
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Learn a skill-set that is in high demand

Administrative assistants are in high demand in a wide variety of roles and environments.

Entry-level administrative assistants are often responsible for specific duties such as data entry, record keeping, note-taking, greeting customers and guests, responding to emails, and managing schedules.

Experienced administrative assistants can progress to be trusted to manage the day-to-day operations of entire offices or teams of people, making sure important activities run smoothly.


  • Office clerk
  • Receptionist
  • Administrative assistant
  • Office manager
  • Executive assistant
  • Small business owner

What you will learn

Technical skills are increasingly critical. You’ll learn or improve at using Microsoft Office and other popular tools for bookkeeping, communications, scheduling, desktop publishing, and other important duties.

In addition to technical skills, your professional image, communication, time management, and interpersonal skills will be developed through lectures and labs. 

Combine your skills with work experience or more education, and your opportunities for advancement are limitless.

Applied Business Technology Certificate Courses

You'll learn a wide variety of technical skills including the Windows operating system, Microsoft Office, manual and computerized bookkeeping, desktop publishing, and office clerical skills. Your professional image, communication, time management, and interpersonal skills will be developed through lectures and labs. Combine your skills with work experience or more education, and your opportunities for advancement are limitless.

Required Courses

ABTA-120 Word Processing I, II & III 4.5 17 weeks
ABTA-125 Microcomputer Applications I 2.5 17 weeks

Required Courses

ABTA-150 Computerized Bookkeeping 1 17 weeks
ABTA-155 Business Communications II 2.5 17 weeks
ABTA-160 Human Relations II 1 17 weeks
ABTA-165 Office Simulations 3 17 weeks
ABTA-170 Desktop Publishing 2 17 weeks
ABTA-175 Microcomputer Applications II 2.5 17 weeks
ABTA-180 Work Experience 3 17 weeks

Locations & Dates

CNC programs have varying lengths and start dates to meet your needs, and are offered across multiple campuses where possible. Don’t see the campus you’re looking for? Check back with us soon as this page is updated throughout the school year.

Fall 2021 Burns Lake Online 34 weeks
Fall 2021 Fort St. James Online 34 weeks
Fall 2021 Mackenzie Online 34 weeks
Fall 2021 Prince George Online 34 weeks
Fall 2021 Quesnel Online 34 weeks
Fall 2021 Vanderhoof Online 34 weeks

Entry Requirements

  1. Successful Completion of Grade 12 (with a minimum of Communications 12 and any grade 11 math or equivalent). For mature student status, (see note 1 below).
  2. Completion of a keyboarding proficiency assessment with a minimum speed of 20 net words per minute, or permission from the department (see note 2 below).

Note 1: To explore the mature student status option, consult a CNC Advisor or Regional Principal.

Note 2: The keyboarding assessment may take the form of an original signed transcript or a letter on institutional letterhead from a teacher of typing, or an assessment by a CNC Applied Business Technology instructor, or designate. To arrange an assessment, please contact your local campus.

Note 3: This is a demanding program, and applicants with only the minimum admission requirements may experience difficulties in completing the program.

Need help meeting these requirements? Check out our Academic Upgrading options.

Obtain your BC Adult Graduation Diploma (BC AGD)

Are you planning to enter the ABT Administrative Assistant program with mature student status?

If so, after completing the ABT program, you’ll be eligible to receive an exit certificate. This is equivalent to a BC Adult Graduation Diploma (formerly known as an Adult Dogwood)

Invest in your future

The estimated cost for this program is $4,763. 
  • Semester 1: $2,831
  • Semester 2: $1,932

These costs are an estimate. Student fees vary by campus.

Books for this program can be purchased from the bookstore.

Paying for college

We're here to help. You can apply for scholarships and bursaries through CNC. We can also help you find loans and other funding. Visit Financial Aid to find out how. 

Salaries and employment

Looking for a job? Check the student employment opportunities board