ABT Online Office Assistant

  • Part Time
  • Full Time
LENGTH: Varies
CAMPUS: Mackenzie
FEES: Estimated at $6,300
START DATE: Start date varies
  • Some courses are available online
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Do you want to study on a schedule that works with your routine, your employment, and your lifestyle? Earn an Office Assistant Certificate by successfully completing the 14 online courses in the Applied Business Technology Office Assistant Program.

The Applied Business Technology (ABT) — Office Assistant Certificate provides a solid foundation of training in popular computer tools and office procedures.

The program is designed for flexibility between certificates and classroom offerings and online students may opt to exit after Level 1 completion with an Office Clerk certificate.

Flexible and supportive online classes will give you specialized office administration skills to advance your career in virtually every type of business, industry, and service organization. Graduates may be employed as receptionists, general clerks, administrative or executive assistants, and other similar careers. 


People with office assistant skills are in high demand in a wide variety of roles and environments, including:

  • Administrative assistant
  • Office clerk
  • Receptionist
  • Office manager
  • Executive assistant
  • Small business owner

What you will learn

Learn to use popular office computer tools and office procedures. By completing this program you will be able to:

  • Type and format documents
  • Create business presentations
  • Calculate finances using spreadsheets and accounting tools
  • Manage databases and records
  • Improve your communications and job search skills

ABT Online Office Assistant Courses

The Applied Business Technology OFFICE ASSISTANT PROGRAM is an online 500-hour certificate program that can be taken on a full or part-time basis. Courses include keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheet, database, desktop publishing, manual and computerized bookkeeping, and presentation software. Students also learn office procedures, file management, business communications, calculator skills, effective job search techniques, professional development, and complete a minimum 60-hour work practicum course at the end of this program.

Required Courses

ABTC-125 Microcomputer Applications I 3 17 weeks
ABTC-180 Work Practicum 2 60 hours
ABTC-105 Business English 3 15 weeks
ABTC-105L Business English 0 15 weeks
ABTC-110 Professional Development 3 15 weeks
ABTC-110L Professional Development 0 15 weeks
ABTC-115 Business Math and Calculators 2 15 weeks
ABTC-115L Business Math and Calculators 0 15 weeks
ABTC-120L Keyboarding 1 15 weeks
ABTC-130 Word Processing 3 15 weeks
ABTC-130L Word Processing 0 15 weeks
ABTC-135 Administrative Procedures I 3 15 weeks
ABTC-135L Administrative Procedures I 0 15 weeks
ABTC-145 Office Bookkeeping 3 15 weeks
ABTC-145L Office Bookkeeping 0 15 weeks
ABTC-150 Computerized Bookkeeping 2 15 weeks
ABTC-150L Computerized Bookkeeping 0 15 weeks
ABTC-155 Business Communications 3 15 weeks
ABTC-155L Business Communications 0 15 weeks
ABTA-170 Desktop Publishing 2 14 weeks
ABTA-170L Desktop Publishing 0 14 weeks
ABTA-175 Microcomputers II 3 14 weeks
ABTA-175L Microcomputers II 0 14 weeks

Locations & Dates

CNC programs have varying lengths and start dates to meet your needs, and are offered across multiple campuses where possible. Don’t see the campus you’re looking for? Check back with us soon as this page is updated throughout the school year.

Start date varies Mackenzie Online 1.5 years full time, 2.5+ years part time

Entry Requirements

To Progress to the Office Assistant courses, students must have the following:

  1. Office Clerk Certificate or equivalent – completed within the last 5 years
  2. Keyboarding proficiency assessment* with a minimum speed of 40 NWPM

*Note: The keyboarding assessment may take the form of an original signed transcript or a letter on institutional letterhead from a teacher of typing, or an assessment by a CNC Applied Business Technology instructor or designate. To arrange an assessment, please contact your local campus.  

Open admission

Any program of study that does not have a selective admission process or fixed capacity and is on a “first qualified, first admitted” basis.

Technology Requirements

To access ABT online collaborative program courses, the following computer system and Internet browser requirements are recommended. Note that many work environments, particularly legal and medical offices, will use PC rather than Mac computers, so the use of a PC is strongly recommended.


Internet Browser: Firefox 3.5 or higher
Operating System: Mac OS X
System Memory: 1GB or higher
Internet Connection: Broadband DSL or Cable-Modem strongly recommended
Audio: Sound Card and Speakers Also Recommended: Computer headphones with microphone
Video: 1024 x 768 or higher resolution
JavaScript: Enabled
Cookies: Enabled
Popup Blocker: set Popup Blockers Allowed Sites to include: onlinecollaborative.ca


Internet Browser: Firefox 3.5 or higher
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 or 8
System Memory: 1GB (Vista) Internet
Connection: Broadband DSL or Cable-Modem strongly recommended
Audio: Sound Card and Speakers Also Recommended: Computer headphones with microphone
Video: 1024 x 768 or higher resolution
JavaScript: Enabled
Cookies: Enabled Popup Blocker: set
Popup Blockers: Allowed Sites to include: onlinecollaborative.ca

The ABT Online Collaborative Program may require the use of the following which are not supported for Mac

  • Wavpedal Foot Pedal
  • Wav player software (see below for ordering details for foot pedal and software)
  • 1 available serial, or USB port for Wavpedal

Invest in your future

The estimated cost for this program is $6,300.

These costs are an estimate. Student fees vary by campus. Check the fee schedule for more details.

Books for this program can be purchased from the bookstore.

Paying for college

We're here to help. You can apply for scholarships and bursaries through CNC. We can also help you find loans and other funding. Visit Financial aid to find out how. 

Salaries and employment

Looking for a job? Check the student employment opportunities board