CNC students: update on negotiations as of Friday October 13th

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  • October 13, 2023
PG Building 6

We are writing to update CNC students about the ongoing negotiations between the College and the Faculty Association of CNC. Please note the goal for both parties is to reach a new contract.

The Faculty Association representing instructional staff has been in a legal strike position since Sunday October 8th. Starting on Tuesday October 10th, Faculty Association members have proceeded with a work-to-rule action. A work to rule is generally defined as an action in which employees perform their duties strictly to the letter of their contract.

While the work to rule is in place, classes have continued. The College and Faculty Association met this week. They will continue to meet and bargain with the help of a mediator to reach a collective agreement.

Reaching an agreement is important to both sides so we can serve the needs of students.

There will be updates on the college website and social media accounts as developments occur.

Thank you for your continued commitment to your studies and engagement at CNC.

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