A text brings sisters Alysha and Jayden together in medical radiography technology at CNC

    • Prince George
  • July 7, 2022
Jayden and Alysha working on a simulation dummy

For all their similarities and experiences growing up, sisters Alysha Zanette and Jayden Roach left the idea of sharing a medical radiation technology career unspoken for a long time.

It took a text message to realize they could excel in and love the same career, which saw them working closely together as an instructor and student combo at CNC.

Alysha graduated from BCIT in 2014 and instantly fell in love with her work in medical radiography. She enjoys the fast-paced environment, taking X-ray images for complicated cases, and supporting patients through studies.

“I’m very passionate, I love the profession,” explains Alysha. “I was holding it in because I didn’t want to pressure Jayden into something that she might not love as much as I love.”

Jayden watched with admiration as Alysha graduated and became a medical radiography technologist.

“Once Alysha graduated, I was so proud, she graduated with honours,” Jayden adds. “Even when I was in high school, I wrote my project on my sister’s success. She inspired me and continues to inspire me.”

In time, Alysha became an instructor in CNC’s medical radiography technology program. Jayden began attending CNC as an academic upgrading student and then set out to explore her career options.

For a time, the question about Jayden following in her sister’s footsteps lingered. Alysha didn’t want to nudge Jayden into choosing medical radiography technology. Jayden didn’t want to take away from Alysha’s success.

Then came the text message.

“We have very similar personalities, and I was very curious about it. So I was just going to go ahead and ask instead of beating around the bush,” explains Jayden.

“I still remember when Jayden messaged me,” adds Alysha. “She’s like, ‘How would you feel if I went into x-ray?’ I said, ‘Oh my god, yes!” I was so excited for her.”

Jayden began her studies in medical radiography technology at CNC in the fall 2020, with Alysha as one of her instructors. Both took extra care to make sure their relationship was professional throughout their instruction.

Both Jayden and Alysha appreciated spending time together in lab instruction. Hands-on teaching for several programs continued in person during early waves of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When most people were distancing themselves from everyone, we were able to remain close,” said Alysha. “During labs, we maintained face-to-face interaction with students.”

As Jayden started her studies, Alysha was a little worried that her younger sister wouldn’t find the same love for medical radiography technology. That fear melted away after Jayden’s first clinical placement in a hospital.

“I called Alysha after my first clinical. I think it was within my first week and said, ‘This is best decision I’ve ever made. I’m so glad I picked this program!’,” Jayden adds.

Jayden is now completing her final practicum placement and will join the medical imaging department of Mills Memorial Hospital in Terrace at summer’s end. Now as peers, Jayden shares the same passion for medical radiography technology as Alysha.

“I love the excitement especially trauma scenarios. You do get that self-satisfaction when you get those perfect images. You always strive to do better, there are always learning opportunities,” says Jayden. “I’m so happy that I got to experience this with Alysha.”

“I think it’s just one more thing that we can add that we have a passion for,” adds Alysha.

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