Web and Graphic Design graduate completes third program at CNC

    • Prince George
  • September 12, 2019

Krysia, Primus, 31, just completed the second year of CNC’s Web and Graphic Design (WEGD) Diploma program. But this isn’t her first time at CNC; in fact, it is her third. 

“I also did the Bookkeeping as well as the Business Management program,” she said. “CNC just keeps pulling me in.” 

With those credentials under her belt, Krysia worked as a bookkeeper and administrator during the last few years. But her favourite thing to do, even in those jobs, was design. 

Krysia always want to take WEGD program at CNC but her schedule never allowed her the time. The course schedule for the program used to be full days, Monday to Friday. A few years ago, however, CNC adjusted class times to be more open and flexible. 

“I was finally in a position when going back to school worked out,” Kyrisa said. 

Throughout the program, she wrote and illustrated a children’s book, as well as completed an animation and video project. 

“These are things I never would have seen myself doing, but are so much fun,” she said. “It’s a great program. The instructors really encourage you to explore different things. And there’s lots of flexibility when it comes to class projects.” 

As part of her studies, Krysia completed an internship for a local design company. She helped a non-profit dedicated to supportive senior’s housing redesign its logo, website and promo materials. Recommended by her instructor, she also worked in CNC’s Communications Department, helping staff during the College’s website redesign.  

“It’s so great to get experience on a project of this scale,” Krysia said. “There’s no better way to learn than just doing it.” 

As for her always coming back to CNC, she said it’s a no brainer.   

“The programs I’ve wanted to do are offered here and they have lots of flexibility and options,” Krysia said. “The instructors have always been really helpful and friendly. it’s affordable and in the town I live in.”  

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