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    • Burns Lake
  • March 21, 2019
Industry Training fixed

he coming of spring marks the kickoff of many training programs for the forestry industry in Burns Lake. 

Angelika Posselt, owner and operator of six logging related business in the area, evaluates the courses her 170 employees need and finds the training necessary to fulfill their requirements.  

Often, the spring break-up time is when many of her employees are due for training. On top of finding training, she must also juggle work coverage as her employees train. 

“It’s a busy time,” Angelika said. “We do the paperwork and organizing for the training they need to meet the requirements of their jobs.” 

She schedules much of the spring break-up safety training at the College of New Caledonia’s Lakes District campus. Having training options close to home saves her employees time and the company money that would be spent travelling. 

Well in advance of the spring break-up, CNC Lakes District sends Angelika a list of the Continuing Education courses being offered. This gives her enough time to match employees to the courses they need at a time they are available to take it. Included in the packed CNC sends to her are the application forms necessary to enrol. 

“Everything I need is there,” Angelika said. “It makes it easy.” 

Though she tries hard to pin down her employees schedules for training, plans don’t always go as expect. Often, a worker has to cancel and Angelika has to slot someone else into that spot. Luckily, CNC has always been happy to help in those situations. 

“I find all the staff at the college are very accommodating,” Angelika said. “They make it easy to do business there. As a business, we support local as much as we can because it makes for a healthy community economy.” 

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