CNC introduces a hybrid to automotive program

    • Prince George
  • February 27, 2019

The automotive industry has been in a steady state of change since the first ones came off the assembly lines. The change is expected as technology advances but the pace has started to grow at exponential rate. In response to this, the College of New Caledonia has added a 2018 Toyota Prius Hybrid to its automotive program’s learning fleet.

“In order to keep CNC automotive students working on the newest technology it’s important to keep our learning fleet updated regularly,” said CNC Automotive instructor Ken Rowell. “There is no better way to teach this technology than to expose students to the exact situations they will encounter at their workplaces.”

The Prius was chosen to help augment CNC’s training of high-voltage hybrid drive train systems. There are serious safety ramifications when a person is working with a large 200+ volt battery.

“It is very safe if one learns the correct procedures,” Rowell said. “It’s possibly deadly if one doesn’t.”

The Prius is a fully insurable working car. With it, students learn about are the regenerative braking dynamics of the car and ways that the internal combustion engine and the electric motor work together. This requires a drivable car, not just a static demo.  

The other new technology this car offers is its forward facing sensor package –Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS).

This equipment is the stuff that provides modern cars with the automatic braking capability and the lane departure warning systems. These systems require additional knowledge when doing things like replacing windshields.

“Having this car to work with will be a great benefit for the new CNC Automotive Glass Technician students,” Rowell said.

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