Research Project: Comparing Ecology and Seedling Growth and Survival in a Landscape Altered by Wildfire (Planted Conifer Seedling Trial)

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  • July 18, 2018
This research aims to assess seedling growth response to wildfire impact. Findings of the research will inform reforestation and seedling regeneration in areas impacted by wildfires.
The blackened burnt remains of a tree stump and many charred logs and twigs on the forest floor

Project Timeline

2018 – 2023

Funding From

CNC Research Forest Society

Project Summary

For millennia, wildfires have played a key role in ecosystem succession, altering forest structure and releasing valuable nutrients stored in downed debris and litter. While these natural disturbances are key in the regeneration of many forests, creating new forage opportunities, habitat and altering vegetation structure, wildfire frequency and intensity have become an increasing concern in many areas. 

Seedling growth, survival, and vegetation regeneration were monitored in two different soil regimes for different tree species. Findings will be significant for reforestation and seedling regeneration in areas impacted by wildfires. 

Research Team

Other contributors to this research include Melissa Mjolsness, Kerry Anderson, Carter Reed, Marie-Eve Lavoie, Natasha Lebiadowski, Sonja Hadden, Hannah Fraser, Alex von Geyer and Olabisi Afolabi, and Julie Hasenauer. 

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