International Education Plan

What we’ve been up to….

April 2023 Update 

CNC International met with several internal committees throughout February 2023 and updated the goals and objectives of the plan based on their feedback. 

In March and April 2023, we continued to refine the goals and objectives with the Steering Committee, SELC, OLC, EdCo, and the Executive team until all parties reached agreement. At the same time, we created a detailed work plan.

The final plan is slated to be completed in June 2023.

December 2022 Update

Consultations were held throughout November focusing on:

  • What is going well and not so well right now with CNC International
  • International student needs and expectations now and in the future
  • Regional and community needs that CNC International could help address
  • Trends in international education
  • Areas of focus and priorities for CNC International for the next five years

We have talked with over 30 different groups: including students, faculty, staff, and community members.

Thank you to everyone who participated in interviews and town halls – we’ve learned so much from your input.

The Steering Committee will work on refining goals and objectives based on the input received.