Early Childhood Care and Learning Diploma

Also available as:
  • Part Time
  • Full Time
LENGTH: 2 year
CAMPUS: Burns Lake - Fort St. James - Mackenzie - Prince George - Quesnel - Vanderhoof
FEES: Estimated at $9,168
START DATE: Fall 2020 - Spring 2021
  • Alternate Delivery
  • Some courses are available online
Fall 2020 Program Offerings

Courses are offered online. The Early Childhood Care & Learning programs require in-person practical placements.

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A diploma in Early Childhood Care and Learning provides opportunities for graduates to work with infants and toddler or children requiring extra support.

Early childhood education is a naturally rewarding and challenging career. It is full of opportunities to help children and families learn and grow.

A natural ability around young children is only the first step in the career journey. Professional caregivers face a variety of behavioural, organizational, and personal challenges.

The diploma will prepare you with skills to work with infants and toddlers and children with diverse abilities.


Graduates in Early Childhood Care and Learning may go on to work with young children in a variety of settings, including:

  • Child care centres
  • Preschools
  • Supported Child Development programs
  • Aboriginal supported child care programs
  • Infant and family development programs
  • Infant Toddler Programs
  • Social service agencies
  • Libraries
  • School district StrongStart programs
  • Child development centres
  • Owner/operator of early learning programs

What you will learn

The Early Childhood Care and Learning program provides comprehensive practical skills and theoretical understanding.

  • Attachment theories
  • Infant & Toddler development
  • Health, safety, and nutrition
  • Family Centered Practice
  • Administration and Leadership
  • Advocacy

Graduates of the diploma can apply for a certificate to practice as an Infant/Toddler Educator and/or a Special Needs Educator from the Early Childhood Educator Registry in BC.

Early Childhood Care and Learning Diploma Courses

This two year program prepares you to work with young children in a variety of settings, such as child care centres, preschools, supported child care programs, Aboriginal supported child care programs, infant and family development programs, social service agencies, libraries, School District StrongStart programs, child development centres, and as owner/operators of early learning programs. Finishing a program in early childhood education is the first step towards becoming licensed to practise as a Early Childhood Educator in BC.

Required Courses

ECCL-199 Practicum III 6 6 weeks
ECCL-195 Practicum II 4 4 weeks
ECCL-175 Families 3 10 weeks
ECCL-167 Responsive Environments 3 10 weeks
ECCL-166 Responsive Curriculum II 3 10 weeks
ECCL-156 Care & Guidance 3 10 weeks
ECCL-151 Developmental Perspectives II 3 10 weeks
ECCL-150 Developmental Perspectives I 3 10 weeks
ECCL-154 Historical & Contemp Practices 3 10 weeks
ECCL-165 Responsive Curriculum I 3 10 weeks
ECCL-170 Observe & Rec Child Behaviour 3 10 weeks
ECCL-172 Health & Wellness 3 10 weeks
ECCL-178 Professional Interactions 3 10 weeks

Core Diploma Courses

Minimum grade of C required for all ECCL courses. 73 Credits required.
ECCL-251 Advanced Dev. Perspectives 3 15 weeks
ECCL-252 Leadership and Administration 3 15 weeks
ECCL-272 Advanced Health & Wellness 3 15 weeks
ECCL-275 Partnership With Families 3 15 weeks

Infant and Toddler Specialization

ECCL-255 Prog. Plan. Infants & Toddlers 3 15 weeks
ECCL-295 Infant-Toddler Practicum 4 6 weeks

Special Needs Specialization

ECCL-256 Intro to Inclusive Child Care 3 15 weeks
ECCL-299 Special Needs Practicum 4 6 weeks
Fall 2020 Vanderhoof Online 2 years
Fall 2020 Quesnel Online 2 years
Fall 2020 Mackenzie Online 2 years
Fall 2020 Fort St. James Online 2 years
Fall 2020 Burns Lake Online 2 years
Fall 2020 Prince George Online 2 years
Spring 2021 Prince George Alternate Delivery 2 years

Entry Requirements

Successful completion of Grade 12 (with English 12 or English 12: First Peoples with a minimum “C” grade) or equivalent. 

Note 1: Upon acceptance into the program, you must provide documents certifying current immunization and TB screening, in addition to a Self-Health Report. These must be on official forms that are included in the ECCL information package and must be submitted prior to the start of the program.

Note 2: You’ll have to undergo a criminal record search, Schedule B, through the Ministry of Justice. Any costs are your responsibility.

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Invest in your future

The estimated cost for this program is $9,168. 

  • Semester 1: $2,173
  • Semester 2: $1,913
  • ECCL 199: $674
  • ECCL 251: $370.08
  • ECCL 252: $500.16
  • ECCL 255: $462.60
  • ECCL 256: $277.56
  • ECCL 272: $185.04
  • ECCL 275: $185.04
  • ECCL 295: $1307.62
  • ECCL 299: $1307.62

These costs are an estimate. Student fees vary by campus.


The estimated cost for this program ranges from$181 to $1282.

*The cost of this certificate is variable by course

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International Fees

The estimated cost for this program is $30,700.

This cost is an estimate and subject to change. This does not include registration fees, text books, medical insurance or living expenses.