Volunteers needed to help train the north’s newest ultrasound technologists

    • Prince George
  • April 27, 2023
Sonograhy 2

The College of New Caledonia’s sonography program needs volunteer patients for a “mock” ultrasound clinic at the Prince George CNC Campus.

The mock exams will happen from Monday May 8th to Thursday May 11th and Monday June 5th to Thursday June 8th. Appointments are available 9:00 am to 1:30 pm. Sonography students will be practicing ultrasound images. This is not an official ultrasound test, so we cannot give you any results or a diagnosis.

Any non-pregnant adult is welcome! If you are interested, please email thomasj28@cnc.bc.ca for more info.


What would you have to do?

The ultrasound exam uses a small camera (transducer) placed on your body to assess internal organs. The transducer sends soundwaves into the body. These waves reflect off structures and make an on-screen image.

Cool water-based gel helps the transducer move smoothly and conducts the soundwave. Ultrasound does not have any radiation, and is an easy, non-invasive test.

Exams could include your abdomen, heart, kidneys and bladder, carotid arteries, pelvis (uterus and ovaries), or veins of your leg. Volunteers may have to prepare for some exams by fasting or filling their bladder.


Get your health care career started at CNC!

CNC’s sonography program is making a big difference in northern BC, with 20 of 23 grads to date having found work in the region. Learn more about our diagnostic health programs for students:

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