Medical Laboratory Technology Science Diploma

  • Full Time
CAMPUS: Prince George
FEES: Starting at $3,100 per semester
START DATE: Spring 2022
  • Alternate Delivery
  • Some courses are available online
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The Medical Laboratory Science Technology Program prepares students to work as medical laboratory technologists.

Medical laboratory technologists are part of a team of clinical heath care professionals. They perform a variety of specialized tests using high-tech equipment that assists physicians in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease in patients.

Duties include:

  • Drawing blood samples from patients
  • Preparing a wide variety of sample types for analysis such as blood, body fluids, tissue samples and culture swabs
  • Performing the requested testing procedures using a range of testing techniques. Examples: using an automated analyzer to perform chemical measurements; identifying cells and bacteria visually using a microscope
  • Interpreting and validating the testing results based on a quality assurance system

Medical Laboratory Technology Science Diploma Courses

As a medical laboratory technologist, you'll perform a variety of specialized tests using high-tech instrumentation to help medical practitioners diagnose, treat, and prevent disease. Professional responsibilities include collecting and preparing specimens for analysis; testing blood, body fluids, tissue samples; and interpreting results. You'll work independently, but as an important part of the health-care team. Educational opportunities include a PostDiploma Bachelor of Science in Medical Lab Technology a Bachelor of Health Sciences. Post-diploma professional development is also offered locally, provincially, and nationally. CNC's Medical Laboratory Technology Science Diploma program is fully accredited. After graduating, you'll be eligible to write the CSMLS national examination to become professionally certified, which qualifies you to work as a medical laboratory technologist anywhere in Canada.

Required Courses

MLTS-101 Medical Terminology 1 17 weeks
MLTS-110 Microbiol & Infect Prevention 4 17 weeks
MLTS-112 Intro to Laboratory Medicine 3 17 weeks
MLTS-114 Anatomy & Physiology 4 17 weeks
MLTS-116 Quality Systems 3 17 weeks
MLTS-122 Principles of Lab. Analysis 3 17 weeks

MLTS-131 Histotechnology 1 2 17 weeks
MLTS-143 Microbiology II 3 17 weeks
MLTS-158 Introduction to Hematology 3 17 weeks
MLTS-164 Clinical Chemistry I 3 17 weeks
MLTS-176 Molecular Diagnostics 2 17 weeks
MLTS-181 Transfusion Medicine I 3 17 weeks

MLTS-136 Histotechnology Principles II 3 17 weeks
MLTS-144 Microbiology III 3 17 weeks
MLTS-161 Hematopathology 3 17 weeks
MLTS-168 Clinical Chemistry II 3 17 weeks
MLTS-182 Transfusion Medicine II 3 17 weeks
MLTS-195 Practicum Preparation 0 17 weeks

MLTS-238P Histotechnology Practicum 0 39 weeks
MLTS-248 Microbiology Practicum 9 39 weeks
MLTS-264 Hematology Practicum 7 39 weeks
MLTS-268 Clinical Chemistry Practicum 7 39 weeks
MLTS-270P Specimen Collection Practicum 0 39 weeks
MLTS-288 Transfusion Medicine Practicum 4 39 weeks

Locations & Dates

CNC programs have varying lengths and start dates to meet your needs, and are offered across multiple campuses where possible. Don’t see the campus you’re looking for? Check back with us soon as this page is updated throughout the school year.

Spring 2022 Prince George Alternate Delivery 2 year

Entry Requirements

  1. Grade 12 or equivalent.
  2. The following courses, each with a grade of “C” or higher:
    • English 12 or English 12: First Peoples or equivalent
    • Biology 12 or equivalent
    • Chemistry 12 or equivalent
    • Foundations of Math 12 or PreCalculus 12 or equivalent
  3. Completion of Self-Report on Suitability form.
  4. Completion of the Medical Laboratory Technology Career Investigation Report form.

Need help meeting these requirements? Check out our Academic Upgrading options.

Selection Process

All students will be selected using the following criteria:

1. The cumulative grade point average of the required English, biology, chemistry and mathematics courses contributes its actual points – e.g., a GPA of 3.2 contributes 3.2 points. Max 4.00 points

2. 30 credits or more at the post secondary level, or 1-year equivalency, contributes 2 points. Max 3.00 points

3. A completed “Medical Laboratory Technology Career Investigation Report” contributes up to 6 points. Max 6.00 points

4. Residents of BC or the Yukon will be awarded 1 point. Max 1.00 point

5. Certified as a Medical Laboratory Assistant. Max 1.00 point

Total possible points 14.00

Program Requirements

  • When you are accepted into the program, you will have to supply us with documents certifying you have current immunizations, and health examinations. We will send you more information in your acceptance package.
  • You will have to undergo a criminal record search with the BC Ministry of Justice at the beginning of the program. A search which identifies relevant criminal convictions may prevent you from entering clinical or practicum setting components of the program and therefore may make you not able to graduate.
  • The costs of immunizations and criminal record checks are the responsibility of the student.

Invest in your future

The estimated cost per semester is $3,100. Off campus placement is $10,597

These costs are an estimate. Student fees vary by campus.

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Paying for college

Not all segments of this program are eligible for student loans. Students need to begin financial planning early

We're here to help. You can apply for scholarships and bursaries through CNC. We can also help you find loans and other funding. Visit Financial aid to find out how. 

Salaries and employment

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