Registering for Courses

Use Student planner to your advantage. Stay organized and manage your courses to plan your path to graduation.

Student Planner

Learn how to plan and manage your courses, register, and get assistance from student success advisors with CNC's student planner.


Credit transfers 

Transfer credit is when students use their previous post-secondary studies towards a new credential at another institution. Did you know that courses you take at CNC may transfer to other post-secondary schools in British Columbia? 


Completed your program requirements? Apply to graduate, view the graduation checklist, and get the latest information regarding convocation here. 

Academic Support

Access tutoring

Testing and tutoring services are available to students throughout the year. Book a tutoring session by appointment or use the Write Away Service - which provides free formative feedback to CNC students to help improve their academic writing skills.

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Getting accessibility  

Accessibility Services assists with ensuring you have equal access to educational opportunities by working to reduce the physical, attitudinal, and systemic barriers. Check out what we offer or request accessibility accommodation for your courses. 

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Learning commons resources 

Find and borrow books. Access a wide range of databases, eBooks, videos, and journals. Get tutorials on how to write a research paper, citations, and style guides. 

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Student Success Advisors 

Unsure about course selection? Our top-notch student success advisors are here to assist you. Learn more about what Advisors do and how to book an appointment. 

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Academic Self-Help

Explore articles and how-tos to improve your study habits, navigate your program, and improve your academic experience.

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