Information for Host Organizations

Do you have a bite-sized project that has been sitting on your "things to do" list for a while?

Try hosting a practicum student!

We are currently seeking host organizations in our community to host practicum students for our semesters starting January and May. Practicum placements are 40 hours, completed over two months.

Did you know - As a practicum supervisor, you can count mentoring hours towards your CPHR professional development requirements. It's a win-win relationship that helps the student, helps your business and you as a CPHR. Fill out an application today to host a practicum student.

Who are our practicum students?

Students entering the Human Resources Management Post-Diploma program must have a minimum two-year diploma and many of them have university degrees. Prior to registering for the practicum, students must complete nine courses in this program while maintaining a B- average.

Learning objectives for the practicum

  • Apply the learning from previous courses to practice in an applied setting.
  • Provide general consultation and education on Human Resource Management best practices.
  • Demonstrate ethics, work habits and communication skills.
  • Apply feedback from instructors and workplace hosts.

Practicum placement ideas

As the placements are only 40 hours long, think about something "bite-sized" that a student could take on, for example:

  • Shortlist resumes, creating job ads, sitting in on interviews.
  • Complete a gap analysis of your HR policies or programs.
  • Data entry into HRIS.
  • Update HR policies.
  • Develop a workshop or presentation.
  • Revise job descriptions.
  • Compensation benchmark project.
  • Assist with change management or employee engagement initiatives.

Ready to host a practicum student?

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