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International Education Centre

We believe in providing an extra level of care for international students at the College of New Caledonia. That’s why we offer an International Education Centre where you will benefit from a variety of support and services. Whether you need a homestay placement, information about student activities, help reconciling student finances, academic advice or just a hot cup of coffee, the International Education Centre can help as well as provide a quiet place to study or visit with friends.

Room 1-785


International Ed 2 


Advising for International Students

Choosing your educational journey at college can be a challenge. That’s why we offer an International Academic Advisor at CNC, who helps our international students select their courses, ensures they have all the requirements for their college qualification, advises them as they complete their university applications and assists with renewing Visas and Study Permits.

Advising Drop-in Hours

Monday – Thursday, 8:00am – 4:00pm

Friday, 10:00am – 4:00pm


Meet the Staff

Our international team is here celebrate your success, share your concerns and help you overcome any challenges you encounter during your studies at CNC.



Barbara Old, Director of International Education

250-562-2131 ext 5591


Anne Harris, Operations Manager

250-562-2131 ext 5456


Gail Little, Academic Advisor

250-562-2131 ext 5627


Tony Mei, Operations Coordinator

250-562-2131 ext 5449


Romana Pasca, Assistant Director, International Projects and Partnerships

250-562-2131 ext 5350


Miley Yang, Student Engagement Coordinator

250-562-2131 ext 5662

Michelle Scott, Administrative Coordinator

250-562-2131 ext 5209


Rachelle Munchinsky, Assistant to the Director

250-562-2131 ext 5319


Tasha Peterson, Marketing & Communications

250-562-2131 ext 5199


Jane Warburton, Admissions Officer

250-562-2131 ext 5531


Michal Latala, Coordinator, ENLA

250-562-2131 ext 5668


Hailey Mathiscyk, Student Services Assistant 

250-562-2131 ext 5857

  • CF060511_Maria_Tony_portrait

    I’m proud to be part of a large dedicated team in the International Education department at CNC. Our passion is working with students to help them adjust to living in Canada and make the transition as smooth and comfortable as possible! I know how it feels as I’ve been in their shoes before. It’s exciting to move to a new country but we understand that this move comes with challenges, from finding places to live, to banking to discovering the best grocery stores or restaurants. Little or big challenges, we are always here for our students.

    Tony Mei

    Operations Assistant, International Education

International Agents/ Recruitment Representative

Latin American and Mexico Recruitment Representative:

Rene Atehortua


India and Middle East Recruitment Representative:

Karuna Ausman

Arvinder Billing


South Korea Recruitment Representative:

Jessica Cho


Vietnam Recruitment Representative:

Phung Lam

All other regions contact:

Our international agents go through a thorough application process and receive ongoing training from CNC. If you have feedback you would like to submit on one of our agents, please fill out the attached form

Please submit your completed form to International Department (in-person) or email it to Anne Harris at You will receive a response from CNC staff within ten days.

Interested in working with us as an official representative of CNC outside Canada? Learn more about How to Become an Agent.

Student Services

When personal counselling or career counselling is needed, the Student Service Centre is available with expert assistance.

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