International Students 

Welcome to the College of New Caledonia! 

They say when you start college, you leave home. What they don’t tell you is that when you enrol in studies at the College of New Caledonia, there’s a great new home ready and waiting for you. 

In this warm, caring academic environment, you are encircled by a group of peers, advisors and faculty ready to guide, nurture and enrich you. This is where we excel, helping our students every step of the way. You may have travelled far to get here but one thing is for sure: at the College of New Caledonia you’ll feel right at home. 
  • Miley Yang

    Coming from Shanghai, I thought I wanted a big city like Vancouver, but once there I felt lonely and lost. That’s when I decided to move to a smaller city and college, and I’m so happy I did! As soon as I got to CNC I joined the International Leadership and Ambassador program, meeting lots of Canadian and international students. I quickly learned more about Canadian culture and improved my English. I even ran for Student Representative with the Students’ Union – and I was elected! Today, I am a full-time employee at CNC, where I get to help international students have the same experience I had. All these opportunities opened up for me because at CNC, every student has a chance to shine.

    Miley Yang

    Student Engagement Coordinator, CNC (former CNC Business Student)