Radiographic Procedures III

LENGTH: 15 weeks
REQUISITES: Prerequisite: MRAD-230 minimum S, MRAD-235, MRAD-237 minimum C+
Pre Or Corequisite: MRAD-240, MRAD-243, MRAD-247, MRAD-248, MRAD-249, BIO-226, PHYS-225 minimum C+.
Required Supporting Lab: MRAD-241L
This is the third installment of the Radiographic Procedure courses. Students build on their knowledge from previous courses and clinical practice. The focus is on higher acuity examinations of the skeleton, scoliosis and cranium exams, and contrast studies. Students practice in laboratory and clinical settings and obtain certification in venipuncture in preparation for Computed Tomography (CT) intravenous contrast administration. Students perform emergency/trauma and operating room procedures and continue building their skills in critiquing images for diagnostic acceptability.

Course Schedule

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