Fundamental & Prof. Implicat.

LENGTH: 10 weeks
REQUISITES: Prerequisite: ENGL-103 minimum C
This course is designed to provide a solid understanding of the unique complexities of FASD for students in the social service, education, justice and health related disciplines. This knowledge will add depth to their understanding of individuals/families and communities who access services in their chosen field. It begins with a comprehensive examination of the underlying causes of alcohol use during preganancy, the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure and the resulting disabilities known as FASD. The contenct provides information needed for students to critically analyze and evaluate practice. Students will be required to demonstrate how the related disabilities can affect individuals' life outcomes. The prevalence and impact of FASD make this disorder an important area of studey for those in human service professions. Students will explore effective strategies for prevention and intervention at the family, community and professional levels. Their gained knowledge can be integrated into their practice once in the field.

Course Schedule

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