Radiobiology & Rad Protection

LENGTH: 15 weeks
REQUISITES: Prerequisite: MRAD-101, MRAD-103, MRAD-105, MRAD-107, MRAD-109, MRAD-111 PHYS-115, BIO-126 minimum C+
Pre Or Corequisite: MRAD-120P, MRAD-122
This course will allow students to effectively apply radiation protection measures to patients, personnel, and members of the public. Radiation protection and the fundamental concepts of radiobiology are discussed in depth, including interaction with tissue, radiosensitivity, and early and late effects of radiation. Current standards for radiation protection as per Canadian Radiation Protection Safety Code, (SC 35) are introduced, describing the principles of radiation protection, the establishment of dose limits to patients, personnel and the public and various methods used to minimize radiation dose to both patients and personnel.

Course Schedule

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