Critical Perspectives on Contemporary Families

LENGTH: 15 weeks
REQUISITES: Prerequisite: SOC-101 minimum C
This course provides an introduction to the contemporary debates within the sociology of family. The course explores the interaction and conflicts between our intimate lives as family members and the economic, political, legal, and cultural changes that define the beliefs and issues surrounding the institution of family. Utilizing current sociological theory and analyses, the course critically examines the history of the western family, the ideology of the family, gender ideology, and social policies and practices affecting Canadian families. The course explores central issues faced by families today, including dating, mating and marriage, the contradictions between romantic love and social constructions of the ideal family, the gendered division of labour, parenting, divorce, poverty, alternative family forms, and violence within intimate relationships. Critical analysis of debates surrounding single parent families, same-sex marriages, and recent trends in reproductive science will form an additional aspect of the coursework.

Course Schedule

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