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    • Prince George
  • August 22, 2019
Priyanka 2

Before moving to Canada a couple years ago, Priyanka Balley had already completed a Masters of Commerce in her home country of India – no small feat.  

Yet she always doubted her intelligence and capabilities. But finishing the Human Resources (HR) Management Post Diploma at CNC changed all that.  

“The program actually helped me realize the total opposite belief that I had about myself,” she said “I used to think maybe I’m not a smart person. Ever since I came to Canada and CNC, I’ve completely changed.” 

Priyanka is passionate about HR and was very involved with her department while at CNC. She and some of her fellow students started an HR club that travelled to several competitions. At the competition, teams are given case studies based on real life events, which they need to solve as if they were HR consultants.  

“In my first year, I went with a team to Calgary,” she said. “Then we went to Kamloops this last year. The competitions helped me apply the knowledge that I learned in class.”  

Priyanka came to Canada in August 2017 on a student visa. She chose to study abroad for a couple reason. First, she always wanted to explore new places. Second, the job market in India is very competitive, and she feels that girls lack real opportunities there.  

Now engaged to a born-and-raised Prince Georgian, she plans to apply for a work visa and stay. As part of CNC’s Human Resources Management Post Diploma program, all students must complete a 40-hour practicum. Priyanka did hers at a local non-profit. Her hope now is to find a job in HR working for a good cause, similar to her practicum.  

“CNC’s always made me feel like I’m at home,” she said. “All of my tutors and co-students, everyone I met there…they’ve always been so kind and supportive. It was a very happy experience.” 

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