Where to Stay

Housing options for international students include living on campus at our CNC student housing, or renting private accommodation off-campus. 

On-Campus Housing

CNC offers 92-room on-campus housing. On-campus housing features comfortable rooms with a fridge, microwave, storage area desk and bed. Common areas shared by all students include three different lounge areas, kitchen and laundry facilities. The park-like grounds feature a patio and barbeque, and grassy lawns perfect for outdoor games. Student advisors live in on-campus housing during the school year to assist students with any issues that arise. Rooms are comfortable and are adjoined to one other room to share a bathroom.

For more information visit our on-campus housing page.

To apply for on-campus housing please complete and submit the application form. Space is limited so it is recommended to apply early.


Private Residence

Prince George offers a wide variety of housing options if you wish to rent off-campus. Apartment rental costs are much lower than in bigger cities, averaging at $900/month for a 2-bedroom apartment, while private house rentals average around $1,025/month. With a wide variety of apartments and private housing located within either walking distance of a short bus ride from CNC, enjoy independent living and the chance to fully integrate into Canadian culture.