Dental Services

"Dentists and dental teams have been experts at infection control for a long time. As we navigate through Phase 3 of the COVID-19 pandemic in BC, dental patients have an important role to play in keeping everyone safe."

British Columbia Dental Association



The CNC dental clinic runs from September through May. Patients are seen throughout the school year by the Dental Hygiene and Dental Assisting students. Clinic times vary each semester depending on course scheduling. The clinic is not open on weekends. Adult patients are seen throughout the September-to-May school year and children are seen mainly in April and May.

The top priority of CNC’s dental clinic is to provide a safe experience for everyone. We have developed a safety plan to protect the health and safety of patients. We ask for your help in following these rules for your safety, and that of fellow patients, students and instructors. 

Dental patients are asked to:

  • Complete a patient screening one day prior to attending the clinic
  • Complete a patient screening upon arrival, but before entering the clinic
  • Contact the clinic if they develop COVID-19 signs or symptoms within 14 days after their last appointment
  • Contact the clinic if they develop COVID-19 signs or symptoms if it is within the timeframe of their appointments
  • Arrive exactly at their appointment time
  • Maintain physical distancing
  • Follow traffic flow patterns indicated by markers on the floor
  • Sanitize your hands upon entry to the clinic

It is important to also note that at any time during your appointment if you develop COVID19 signs or symptoms you will be dismissed, and your appointment will be rescheduled.

For dental hygiene services at this time we are unable to provide care to vulnerable patients. Patients who fall into this category include, but are not limited to patients with pre-existing conditions:

  • serious respiratory disease
  • serious heart disease
  • immunocompromised
  • severe obesity
  • diabetes
  • chronic kidney disease or those undergoing dialysis
  • liver disease
  • pregnant patients.

We also will consider a person’s age. Older adults can be at a greater risk of severe symptoms from COVID-19, especially if they have other chronic illnesses or conditions.

Please contact our clinic for a screening appointment to determine your suitability.

Fees & Services

The following are the services that the clinic provides, the clinic does not provide any restorative services.

Adults (cleaning and x-rays)


Children (cleaning and x-rays-18 and under)


Single Procedures:

Fissure Sealants






Study Models


Sports Guards


Payment Methods

Cash, interac, personal cheques (made out to CNC), Visa, and MasterCard

Patient Duties

Our clinic patients are very appreciated and valued as it does require a significant time commitment to become a patient here. The students need reliable, committed patients in order to fulfill their requirements for graduation.

  • A cleaning will take several appointments depending on the degree of difficulty and appointments can be between one to three hours long.
  • Parking is provided for our patients if they park in our dental parking lot and provide us with their name and license plate number.
  • We ask that patients arrive on time for their appointments and pay the nominal fee at the first appointment.
  • 48 hour notice is required if a patient needs to change or cancel their appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dentistry Services FAQ

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