Professional Internship

LENGTH: 15 weeks
REQUISITES: Prerequisite: WEGD-121, WEGD-131, WEGD-141, WEGD-142, WEGD-151, FINE-107 minimum C
Prerequisite Or Corequiste: WEGD-232, WEGD-242 minimum C or WEGD-222, WEGD-252 minimum C
Professional Internship is a blended learning environment that combines internship experience with professional practice seminars. Having identified an area within web and graphic design in which to further develop, students will be placed with a relevant company, organization, or individual, for no less than 80 hours to provide them with the opportunity to experience their chosen discipline first-hand. Students will develop skills in business ethics and professionalism, sharing their experiences and insights in a personal reflective journal. Instructor-led group seminars before and during the internship will help students integrate the knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom with their placement experience.

Course Schedule

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