Digital Media Showcase

LENGTH: 15 weeks
REQUISITES: Prerequisite: FINE-107, WEGD-121, WEGD-131, WEGD-141, WEGD-142, WEGD-151, and WEGD-231, WEGD-241 or WEGD-221, WEGD-251 minimum C
Corequisite Or Prerequisite: WEGD-232 minimum C
WEGD 242 prepares students for educational, personal and professional opportunities after graduation. Students will develop the skills to cultivate and maintain a professional online presence, in part, through the strategic selection and creative presentation of unique, quality, interactive digital media projects. This self-promotional effort will involve participants marketing themselves to self selected audiences through career-relevant, individualized strategies which will include the creation and promotion of an interactive digital portfolio. As a final project, students will set up a visual showcase where they will display their work in a public venue.

Course Schedule

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