Visual Showcase

LENGTH: 15 weeks
REQUISITES: Prerequisite: FINE-107, WEGD-121, WEGD-131, WEGD-141, WEGD-142, WEGD-151, WEGD-211, WEGD-251 minimum C
Corequisite Or Prerequisite: WEGD-212, WEGD-221, WEGD-252, WEGD-299 minimum C
Visual Showcase leads students in creating a set of self-promotional publications that include personal branding, marketing collaterals and a portfolio of their own work. Students will begin by doing an audit of their visual work, choosing those pieces that best demonstrated their skills and reflect their career goals, then critiquing and adapting them into a refined body of work. Opportunities will be presented where students can promote themselves, presenting their portofolio and talking about their work. As a final project, students will set up a visual showcase where they will display their work in a public venue.

Course Schedule

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