Nursing student’s move to CNC Quesnel pays off, finds excellent training and support

    • Quesnel
  • March 2, 2022
Jennifer Delaney

“I can’t say enough how great my experience at CNC Quesnel has been,” said Nursing student Jennifer Delaney. Delaney applied to CNC on a whim and moved here unsure and nervous about her decision. Today, she says, “For the first little while, all I thought about was going home. Now I love my life in Quesnel. I consider it home while in school - I feel safe and at ease.”

Expert nurses caring for her father while he dealt with multiple health issues inspired Delaney to enter the field. She completed some first-year credits in the lower mainland and sought a nursing degree program to solidify her career path.

Our welcoming campus has been a great fit for Delaney. “Coming up to Quesnel was a big risk but it totally paid off – it has been invaluable,” she says. “Everyone is so supportive. I believe that there is more connection here than there would be in a larger school - I’m so extroverted and people-oriented that these connections allow me to thrive,” she added.

Delaney appreciates that CNC Quesnel nursing students gain broad experience in clinical practicum placements. “I am confident that this experience will help me completely with the rest of my career. The scope of practice is not reduced here, although we are not in a large hospital. The practicums are very hands-on,” she said.

Last summer, she worked as an Employed Student Nurse and a Health Care Assistant, which intensified her commitment to a nursing career. “Working as a Health Care Assistant is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It’s so fulfilling,” she said. “You work with elderly people who need your assistance, and you want to help them. I may be exhausted at the end of my shift because of how physical the job is, but I never leave without feeling like I had at least a little bit of an impact on my patients.”

Delaney is now completing Third Year Nursing with UNBC South-Central in Quesnel. She says, “I feel very solid in my third year of schooling, knowing I gained the tools and resources with CNC Quesnel to succeed as my education progresses.”

After she earns her degree, her dream is to be a pediatric ICU nurse working in a large children’s hospital. She is enthusiastic about the future for nurses: “I didn’t realize how many opportunities there are – travel nursing, private practice, working in a hospital, and more.”

If you are looking for a Nursing degree program that trains highly successful professionals in a welcoming environment, CNC Quesnel may be the right fit for you. Northern Collaborative Baccalaureate Nursing Program students report high satisfaction with our small classes, the support and attention they receive from faculty, diverse opportunities in their clinical practicums, and our warm campus environment.

Want to get started? March 31, 2022 is the deadline to apply for September's intake.

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