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    • Quesnel
  • March 17, 2021
In a hospital practicum in her second year of Nursing, Casey Richert made a discovery. She realized: "This is definitely for me."
Casey wearing her nursing lanyard and scrubs

Almost a year into her Nursing career, Casey loves her work. She recommends this field and CNC Quesnel's Nursing Bachelor of Science program. Before graduation from Correlieu Secondary, Casey was unsure which school to choose. "I was a little torn. I had other options for post-secondary. But I knew I would have some good friends here, and it worked out to live with my family; having that support was lovely. The program was super-affordable. And I met so many people from other places who came here for the program, I did not miss that part of going away."

Casey encourages anyone interested in science to consider Nursing. "It's a great field for a number of reasons! Nurses can move into many different areas: community care, long-term care, or hospital or mental health work. There are a wide variety of options."

Are you considering the Nursing BSc degree? Wednesday, March 31 is the application deadline for the September intake.  

Karen  250 991 7500 or 1 866 680 7550 ext 7607 or 
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