Installing and Configuring Horizon Client

VMWare Horizon Client is a program you install on your computer that will allow you to access a virtual computer that lives inside of the CNC servers.

This virtual computer is:

  • unique to you, and will save your preferences and settings between uses.
  • comes with Office 2016 pre-installed
  • able to access network drives
  • able to access CNC resources

This virtual computer is not:

  • the computer you sit down at every day during normal business
  • the physical device you are sitting at, typing on
  • the best way to join online meetings or voice calls

Using Online Meeting Software

We HIGHLY recommend that users who intend to do video conferencing or online voice calls do that through Microsoft Teams or BlueJeans on their local machine.

You WILL experience decreased quality and reliability trying to video / voice conference through the VMWare Horizon Desktop. 

Installing VMWare Horizon Client

The College of New Caledonia uses VMware Horizon to deliver Virtual Desktops to as necessary. This allows users to securely connect to a Windows 10 Desktop that resides on the CNC network, and has access to CNC software and shared drives, all from your own device at home (or anywhere with an internet connection).

  1. To start, navigate to the following address in a Web browser:

    You will see the following options on the page:


    I.T. Services recommends using the full Horizon Client for the best user experience.  Click on the “Install VMware Horizon Client” link on the left.

    Alternatively, click the “HTML Access” link and enter you CNC credentials, to connect to the Virtual Desktop directly from the Web Browser.

  2. You will be taken to a webpage with the following link:


    Click “Go to Downloads.”  (If you use a Mac, select the appropriate link further down the page)

  3. On the next page, click the blue “Download” button:


  4. Find the file that you just downloaded, or run it directly from your browser.

    If using Google Chrome, click the downloaded file in the lower left corner:


    If you cannot find the file, it is most likely located under your “Downloads” folder.

  5. Go through the installation process for the Horizon Client and reboot your computer:


  6. Locate and open the “VMware Horizon Client” shortcut on your desktop or start menu

    Double-Click the “Add Server” button:
    vminstall6Enter “” into the name field, then click Connect:

    vminstall7Adding the server will only have to be performed on the first launch.  It will be saved for future use.
  7.  Enter your CNC Username and Password, then click “Login

    vminstall8If you do not know your CNC Username and Password, you must set up your account at the following link:

  8. After logging in, you will see the Virtual Desktops available to you.

    Double-Click on the desktop you wish to connect to:
    vminstall9After a moment, you will see your Virtual Desktop, and can begin working with it!

Getting Started with VMWare Horizon Client

Once you have logged into VMWare Horizon, you will be presented an icon to open your virtual computer. But before you do, try these configuration steps to help you have a better experience:

Configure for windowed mode:

  1. Right click on the desktop icon
  2. Select Display
  3. Selected Windowed - Large



Create a desktop shortcut:

  1. Right click on the desktop icon
  2. Select Create Shortcut to Desktop


This will create a desktop shortcut that you can use to launch directly into your Horizon Desktop.

Resizing or Minimizing your Horizon Desktop

In cases where you need to work on your local desktop (the physical computer you are sitting at) you can resize or minimize the Horizon Desktop window to better facilitate your work.


Like any other application in Windows, you can resize or minimize the VMWare Horizon Window using the title bar (assuming you have followed the steps above).