Strategic Plan Implementation Framework

The Strategic Plan Implementation Framework (SPIF) describes the process by which the Executive Commitee, Leadership Team, college staff, and faculty members are involved in the execution of the Strategic Plan and together support CNC in achieving the five-year strategic goals. This framework fits within the already established Planning and Accountability Model, which incorporates CNC’s mandate, mission, vision, institutional values, and college wide initiatives.

The SPIF outlines how the following will take place:

Prioritization of Strategic Objectives

The Executive Committee will communicate the specific objectives within the Strategic Plan that will be targeted priorities for the coming year. These “annual priorities” will be communicated by the Executive Committee and coordinated interdepartmentally as appropriate.

Engaging Leadership

Executive Committee members will engage with their Leadership (Management) teams to discuss the annual priorities, what they mean to the departments, and how they can be executed. These annual priorities cascade into the department and campus annual plans that are then developed between May and June. Annual plans work in support of their own mandates, in support of the Strategic and Education Plans, and in support of the college wide plans (e.g. DDI, Aboriginal Education Plan, etc.)

Engaging Staff and Faculty

During the planning phase, staff and faculty involvement is essential, and engaging all college employees in planning discussions broadens the perspective and yields more comprehensive plans. Department Managers can decide on the appropriate level and method of employee engagement.

Annual Department and Campus Planning Tool

For the 2019-20 planning year, the College moved the annual planning system into an online dashboard allowing departments and campuses to populate, review, and publish plans. This dashboard simplifies the submission and approval process and allows all CNC employees to view plans, thus increasing transparency and enhancing communication.  

Link to Admin Performance and Development Plans

Goals outlined in the department and campus annual plans will move into the Performance and Development Plan (PDP) of the Administrator(s) responsible for that area. Connecting annual commitments to Administrative PDPs supports accountability at all levels of the institution. 

Tracking Our Progress

In the fall of each year, CNC will share a report outlining annual progress toward our strategic goals.