Printers for students are available in the Library and the Open Access Labs at the Prince George Campus.

Two photocopiers are located beside the Circulation Desk. Cost is 10¢ per page, charged to your PaperCut account. Copiers require a login. Ask at the Circulation Desk for details.


A PaperCut printing services is implemented in the Prince George and Quesnel Libraries and Prince George and Quesnel Open Access Labs.

Going Green!

The College of New Caledonia has implemented a PaperCut printing solution in the Prince George and Quesnel library and open access computer labs, with the primary goals to:

  • cut down on paper waste
  • reduce our carbon footprint

Since May 31, 2010, the printing at CNC has produced over 61,302KG of C02, which is the energy equivalent of running a 60W bulb for 3,859,784 hours!

Pay to Print

We've been using PaperCut since 2010 to monitor printing usage, but now we're going to implement a pay-to-print policy, which will encourage each of us to be more mindful about what we print. You can view and manage your personal printing account from the PaperCut Dashboard:

Frequently Asked Questions

PaperCut Prince George FAQ

  • What is PaperCut?

  • Why are we implementing it?

  • How do I use PaperCut?

  • How much does it cost to print?

  • How do I check my balance?

  • How do I add funds to my account?

  • What labs will be 'pay-to-print'?

  • How long does my account last?

  • Can I get a refund for unused credits?

  • Can I get a refund for a print job that didn't come out right?

  • How can a Guest print and photocopy?

  • How can I get help?