Video Conferencing

Visit our BlueJeans page to set up an external BlueJeans Desktop Video Conferencing session.

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  • Cart - A videoconference cart is a basic configuration of videoconference
    equipment meant to be movable when necessary.
  • Codec - This is the device that connects and controls the videoconference. The main piece of video conference equipment.
  • Elmo - A digital camera mounted system intended to replace the requirement for an overhead projector.
  • Host Site - Location which the videoconference originates from, the host of the videoconference. There can only be one Host site per videoconference.
  • Cisco - The company that manufactures the videoconference equipment that we currently use at each campus location.
  • Phone - Disc shaped device used as the speaker and microphone for the videoconference units.
  • Receiver Site - Other videoconference site(s) which the host site connects to, there may be more than one receiver site per videoconference.
  • WACOM Touch Tablet - A touch screen monitor that works similar to a digital whiteboard, allowing the user to write and erase with digital ink as well as display learning materials such as PowerPoint presentations and YouTube videos.
  • Videoconference - Allow two or more locations to interact via two-way video and audio transmissions simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why can’t I see the Instructor and Students from a location at the same time?
A. The LifeSize Video Conference unit is only able to send one camera image at a time to any location. If the Video Conference unit is currently displaying the instructor camera, the student camera won’t be seen. If the Video Conference unit is currently displaying the student camera, the instructor camera won’t be seen. Instructors have the ability to switch back and forth between the two cameras and should make an effort to do so whenever a classroom discussion is occurring.

Video Conference Support

Current video conference support hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm through the IT services Helpdesk @ local 5812.
Training sessions are available, contact IT services Helpdesk to schedule.
Contact the Helpdesk by emailing or calling 250-561-5812.

Video Conference Support (ITS Technician's Responsibilities)

  • End point equipment coordination.
  • Equipment initial installation and maintenance.
  • On-call support (within core hours).
  • Co-ordinate orientation and training with CTL (Institute for Learning, Teaching and Research) staff.
  • The customer can expect the technician to do set-up and debugging of video conferencing equipment.
  • Effort will be made to educate and train departmental / administrative support staff tasked with supporting video conferencing in regional campuses.
  • Room booking and scheduling are the responsibility of the customer. Please contact Prince George Room Bookings.
  • Equipment maintenance must be handled through the ITS Helpdesk.
  • Venue / room booking and scheduling are the responsibility of the customer. Allowance of ½ hour for set-up and ½ hour for end of session are recommended.
  • Presenters are strongly encouraged to seek training / orientation during non-peak hours (between classes). Arrangements can be made through CTL.
  • Staffing schedules may be adjusted to accommodate a broader range (overlapping schedules) of service hours.

Established ITS Technician On-Call Support Hours

January 2017 Onwards

8:00am-4:00pm (Normal Core Hours)

September 2017

8:00am-4:00pm (Tentative based on enrollment)

Technical Contacts

Prince George Campus

IT Services



Quesnel Campus

Neil Davison



Mackenzie Campus

Charmaine Lavallee



Nechako Campus

Debra Montgomery



Ft St James Campus

Lynne Willick



Lakes District Campus

Ronda Payne