CNC Research Forest Society

CNC Research Forest Society (CNCRFS) Independent Oversight and Direction

Fundamental to the continuation of the CNC Research Forest is the maintenance of independent oversight through the CNCRFS, which is recognized under the provincial Society Act.

Although the CNC Research Forest tenure is held by CNC and all operations are undertaken by CNC staff, the overall stewardship, research and management direction is provided by the CNCRFS.

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CNCRFS Membership

All current members of the CNCRFS form the Board of Directors with full voting rights. The membership is not compensated for duties performed, although reimbursement of previously approved expenses may occur. The membership is to consist of representatives from the following organizations.

  • Forest Industry
  • Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations
  • University of Northern British Columbia
  • First Nations on whose land the Research Forest lies
  • College of New Caledonia

CNC is grateful for the dedication of the current CNCRFS members and the multitude of past members. For a list of the current CNCRFS membership, click here.

CNC Research Forest Society Membership

Interested in Becoming a CNCRFS Member?

As a CNCRFS member, you also have the opportunity to directly engage or lead various Research Forest projects providing appropriate steps are followed to avoid any conflict of interest.

If you are interested in CNCRFS membership and you are a member of one of the listed organizations, then contact the CNC Research Forest Manager at any time.