Applied Research and Innovation Strategy for the Research Forest

Research and Innovation Objectives

Through the operation of the CNC Research Forest, a primary purpose of the CNC Research Forest Society is to support continued applied research.

Applied research is to include opportunities for natural resource and forestry students to undertake or participate in research projects and opportunities to pursue research projects important to First Nations.

Opportunities are to be achieved through funding and support provided by Research Forest revenues and from research grants and support obtained from government research funding as well as industrial contributions.

Recent Research and Innovation Achievements

The College of New Caledonia became a recognized research institution by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) effective November 2010, allowing CNC to receive a five-year Innovation Enhancement (IE) Grant.

The funding under the IE grant, along with other NSERC grants, has supported a multitude of different natural resource research projects involving a wide range of research partners who have offered millions of dollars of in-kind support and services. The CNC Research Forest continues to be a critical component in maintaining CNC as a research institution by providing a readily available venue for natural resource research along with direct funding for research related activities.

With the support of the NSERC grants, the Research Forest, and the various partners in research, CNC was able to pursue applied research projects focussed on the following innovation topics:

  • Forest operations innovation to improve business and environmental stewardship
  • Remote sensing and mapping technology solutions to improve forest operations and planning
  • Silviculture solutions to enhance forest industry adaptation to climate change

For a list of the CNC natural resource research projects that have received outside funding in the last five years, click here:

Natural resource projects

Future Research and Innovation Direction

Research and innovation involving the Research Forest or supported by Research Forest funds is guided, and if needed, specifically directed by the CNC Research Forest Society.

The Society, through CNC staff, is seeking to closely collaborate with government agencies, regional industries, natural resource consultants, First Nations, community groups, and academia to pursue applied research consistent with the needs of regional natural resource stakeholders.

At this time, the Research Forest projects are focussed towards unmanned aerial vehicle photo detection technologies, forest health, intensive silviculture, young conifer growth and yield (conifer tree improvement), tree species migration with climate change, riparian management, and fish and wildlife habitat management.

Do You Have a New Applied Research or Innovation Idea?

You may contact the CNC Research Forest Manager or CNC Director of Applied Research and Innovation at any time if you have questions or would like to propose a new natural resources research or innovation project.

Carl Pollard, BSc, RPF

CNC Research Forest Manager

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Sorin Pasca, MSc, CEM

CNC Director of Applied Research and Innovation

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